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Wednesday, March 17

The Photo Hunt for Gold

On the back of 9 photos I taped on a lucky shamrock and then duck taped them to various locations outside. The last clue had a 4-leaf clover whereas the rest just had 3 to let them know (River and a few friends) that they are getting so close to find the gold at the end of the rainbow!

The kids had a lot of fun running around to the different spots, finding the new photo clue, and then running to get the gold under the rainbow. I loved that River held his Leprechaun mask with his hand the whole time, to make sure it wouldn't fall off! I think a photo treasure hunt is so perfect for this age.

After he ate the gold we headed inside to make some green milk and eat green apples.

We were also lucky enough to go play at the children museum, since today was a free admission day!

We hung out in the building area the longest. Little Rue loved pushing the blocks around to Mr. Bob the Builder. She was being so cute, but unfortunately I didn't capture all those moments. (River had to have a hat in order to be a real builder, so I guess he was a fake builder for about 20mins until some kid left the hat on the ground.)

Oh, we also danced all night to the Pandora "Riverdance Station". My husband came home and heard a random commercial in the middle of some great fiddling and was like "Say what?"


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