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Wednesday, March 10

Letter K- Kangaroo craft

This is the Kangaroo who kicks which is found in the activity book. In the directions it says to use a brad to attach the leg to the body, however when I was at Office Depot I found that it costs $2.29 for a pack of 60. Well I didn't think spending $2.29 was worth it for a one time use, when I could buy 2 items at the $ store, seriously I do think of money in terms of what fun items I can buy at the dollar tree. So I thought we could use a staple somehow and it make it work like a brad. I bended the staple around through both pieces of paper and it worked fairly well, well enough to get the effect of the kangaroo kicking. As River finished intensely coloring this he said, "All the juice, the marker juice needs to dry now."


April said...

I think of terms of the Dollar Tree too! The other day, I bought a drink for $1.50 and I didn't even drink it and I told my husband, "what a waste, I could have bought one and a half things at the Dollar Tree" lol. I just bought some of those too, they were cheaper at Wal-Mart.

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