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Thursday, March 11

Letter K- Karate Kicks

Since K the Kangaroo kicks in his Karate class, it was pretty obvious that learning Karate moves would be our physical activity to try. First, we had to put on his Karate outfit, which we used a pillow cover and white cloth belt. Then I used my extensive knowledge from my high earning purple belt karate days teaching kicks, punches and round house kicks. We had fun doing this, but River lost interest and made up the excuse that his belly was hurting from his karate belt. (Funny, I remember telling my Mom similar made-up stories to get out of going to Karate class.) When in reality he really wanted to listen to his "My Body Machine" tape for the 2nd or 3rd time today. He told me, "Mom when you eat bad foods you then have slow kicks." I think as a parent you can take the liberty to tell some little fibs in order for your point to get across, which I am proud to say I taught him that one.


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