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Friday, March 12

St. Patrick's sensory tub-Friday Math

I have wanted to do a sensory tub for a long time but never got around to it, so when I thought of River digging around trying to find lucky gold coins I was excited to make it happen. Here is the idea, from No Time For Flashcards. We went to my favorite store, the Dollar Tree to get the tub w/a lid and a package of various magnifying glasses. Then to Smith's to get the green split peas. We already had the gold coins, black beans, and white beans, and fun kitchen slotted spoons, measuring cups, etc.

He has loved digging around, using many measuring cups, and pouring back and forth into different bowls!! It is a bit messy so I make him do it at the table, and then inevitably we have to sweep up, before little Rue becomes the floor vacuum cleaner!
This has also been a great activity to incorporate math: 2 small (1/4) cups = 1 big (1/2) cup, counting out the coins and putting them into addition and subtraction patterns (we have a total of 12 coins), and sorting out out the sizes of the different beans/peas.


adventurekerrs said...

I didn't even notice how River is holding up the gold coin right in front of the treasure chest on his Pirate Loot shirt..pretty appropriate.

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