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Saturday, March 13

Some St. Patrick's Day Week Activities

*Paint an old yogurt container black to be the pot to hold gold/treats. Add a rainbow to the lid, so the child literally has to find the gold under the rainbow.

*Make a leprechaun scavenger hunt using real photos, or drawn pictures to be the clues. At each clue have another picture hint to help find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

*For imaginative story time use the following items: leprechaun, gold coins, green hat, clovers, etc.

*Dance around to irish music while doing jigs.

Double Play by Liz Carroll and Jon Doyle (great fiddling)
25 Best Celtic Favorites by Madsey Entertainment (great variety of Classic Irish Favorites, with singing and without)
Celtic Dreamland by Putumayo Kids (the music was really slow, not good to dance around to)
Pandora music station-
Riverdance and Lord of the Dance films and soundtracks

*I will have a little leprechaun print out to use if you would like. Also I hear that cutting a green pepper in half and dipping it in paint, using it as a stamper, adding on the stem, makes fun clovers.

* The Letter G, is G the Goose Giggles. So we will paint the goose green and gold, and play duck-duck-goose. Our word list will include green, gold, goodies, giggles, goofy, grazing, gobbled (taken from the Letter G story on the back of the flipchart.) I don't think I will use the Letter G activity found in the Activity Book.

*The # 4 will be the number this week. Using 2,3, or 4 leaf clovers have the children decide which are the lucky 4 leaf clovers. (Hint: I hear using hearts as your clover outline works well)

There will be additional posted ideas from other group members. So this should be a really fun week with the letter G, being incorporated in with St. Patty's Day!!)


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Several of our primary kids mentioned that they were excited to make "Leprechaun traps". I'd never heard of this, but it might be a fun project.

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