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Tuesday, March 16

Letter G- Intro to G, Leprechaun song

We started school time by playing musical letters, our own variation :) We put the Amazing Action Alphabet CD on and put out all the laminated letters (the ones found in the back on the activity book). As soon as a letter song comes on River runs around tying to find the correct letter the song is about. Once he finds it he sits in my lap and uses his finger to trace the letter. We did about 13 letters today ending with G the Goose Giggles.

The corresponding story with the letter G introduces some new words, so we talked about giggled, gecko, and grazing goat. We looked at pics on-line on of the gecko, gorilla, gumdrops, and grazing goat as I read the story. (If you are actually one of those people who has a working printer and don't need to rotate between your neighbor's to print stuff off, then I would suggest printing off the pictures instead of just looking at them :)

Since we are also focusing on St. Patrick's Day this week I wanted River to see a "real life" leprechaun so we watched this clip of "Darby O' Gill and the Little People". As a child I loved this movie, watching the little people dance around a pot of gold. However, I hated the grim reaper and the lightening horses. (It's nice to have YouTube so you can watch specific clips, without fast forwarding a VHS tape.)

We also made some 4 leaf clovers and a pot of gold with a rainbow attached which we will post more about later. This is our cute finger play song for the week. I adapted it from the Insy, Wensy, Spider:

A small little Leprechaun
came out to play
To look for gold on this St. Patrick's Day
Under the Rainbow
is the spot he was told
With a jump, and a kick he ran toward the gold


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