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Tuesday, March 16

Pot of Gold Hunt

I'm sure all moms/educators can attest to feeling a little disappointed when their wonderful idea didn't materialize quite the way they expected. This pot of gold idea I came up with would be better for children who are a little older, who have the patience to collage a whole yogurt container! River did a great job painting it green and then his interest waned.

However, he did great putting the black pieces on the lid! I think it was easier to have a smaller space to cover. Then we cut a small paper plate in half and he loved drawing on the different colors of the rainbow.

 I'm glad this project is done because the real fun is going to happen once he is a leprechaun looking for his pot that was mysteriously filled with gold. I love planning treasure hunts and have always wanted to do a photo hunt. The community we live in has a park so I am going to hide the picture clues at the different are some of our places:
A green slide

A green tree
A green electric box under our favorite tree

We have about 9 different photo locations. I will have a green shamrock glued on the back of each picture, so that he has to find the lucky 4 leaf clover in order to find the gold UNDER the rainbow. (The last photo will be the one with a 4 leaf clover, the rest will have 3.)

River also made this mask today from the Brite Music Activity book, I can post the pattern of the mask and leprechaun if you would like it.

I hope you are all ready for the fun tomorrow! Make sure you wear green to avoid a pinch or two!


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

I will be sure to wear something green for sure! I have had many projects not work out quite as good as I imagined it would - that is what makes us better teachers. We are always learning:)

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