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Tuesday, June 29

American Flag: streamers, contact paper and a wooden dowel

This was a really easy flag to make with preschoolers. As soon as the first person was done marching around the room with their flag it really encouraged everyone else to hurry up so we could have a parade!

The materials you need:
*contact paper ( I used Clear Laminate)
*red and white streamers
*blue poster board
*white paint
*a star stamper
*a 3/16 inch wooden dowel cut in half (so about 18 inches long)

I measured the width of the contact paper and realized that
3 small stripes and 3 long stripes could fit.

The star stamper I made by cutting a nice piece of wood from the
firewood pile into 7 wood chips.

I cut out a star from of this rubber-foam shelf liner and hot glued it onto the wood chip.

Then stamped out stars onto the blue poster board with white crayola washable paint.
(The kids didn't get the stars as exact...more like a burst of chaotic fireworks.)

As the paint was drying, I told everyone that we were going to learn a new song called: 
"That's My Flag" from Brite Music  I Have A Song For You series, 
About Seasons and Holidays.

"See it waving there, that's my flag; Blowing in the air that's my flag. 
For I live in America and that's my flag....How proud, how grand,
how tall it stands. THAT'S MY FLAG!"

I grew up listening to brite music as a child!  
It's so fun to teach the children the songs I learned and loved.

After the stars were semi-dry it was time for more flag fun.... Contact Paper!
The bottom piece of contact paper was about 18 inches long.
The top was about 22 inches long.

This clear laminate kind of contact paper was really forgiving, which was great especially when the kids thought it wasn't possible to fix really crooked stripes. 

This is how River's turned out!

Once the wood dowel is on the contact paper remember you have about 4 extra inches in the top piece of contact paper to secure the dowel in place. Any extra you can just wrap around to the back. Once the top piece of contact paper was in place I had the kids push really hard to smooth it out like a steam roller!

Getting ready to march around with their new flags!

Then we invited some friends over for some 4th of July parade fun......

You gotta love the dog joining us with the baby in the background!

 We even had a jeep in the backyard they were able to hop in. It was a great parade! 
 Happy 4th of July!

I will post later the fun way I taught the preschoolers the Pledge of Allegiance son has been wanting to the the activity like 3 times a day.
Here is the post..we even made our first youtube video


Elise said...

What a great craft for young children - sticking and stamping always seems to be a winning combination when it comes to creating with the younger children.

Stacie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog at The Amazing Mess! I love this flag idea!! I'll have to remember it for next year!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

These flags are wonderful. What a great parade!

{Bobbi} said...

I LOVE LOVE these projects! I wish I would have seen them before. I saved this site onto my favs for future posts.

Haley said...

Cute flags. You seem to be doing such a great job of finding crafts that are doable by small kids.

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

Hi You’ve got a great blog and I think you’d be interested in mine. I’d love it if you’d link up to my Tot Tuesdays party- a linky party dedicated to all things toddler: Have a great day!

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