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Friday, August 27

Children Discovery Garden

I try to go to one destination/errand on my bike a week with my children riding in the bike trailer. Our trip to the Discovery Garden ending up being a 10 mile ride but arriving/coming home from the destination occasionally ends up being more adventurous than expected! The adventure this time was for Mama who had played just as hard as the kids to pedal back home in 95 degree heat, with a few hills to climb...the motivator? A really cold Revive Vitamin Water from the gas station 40 mins into the ride + watching all the Moms leave the Gardens in their vehicle. ( I gotta show them that you CAN do this with 2 children in 95 degree heat!)

We had a great time at the Children Discovery Garden with some friends ........

 River climbed up to this spot to hang out by the waterfall.

Under the Lilly pad pond there was a 
window to view fishes.

The gardens are large with lots of space for 
kids to find hidden spots to play in.

There are different sizes of wood block 
& stones to build with at this table.

 Noah's Ark splash area
There are bronze sculptures of animals for 
the children to climb over.

Little Rue loves playing in water!

One of Noah's fishes.

There were many more times I could have 
taken pics but I was playing too...

 But I did capture this one with Jess! 

 Her really cute boys.


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

I've never been there but everyone says it's so fun. But I'm absolutely dying that you rode there - AND BACK - with 2 kids in a bike trailer, in 95 degree heat! You are awesome. I can't wait for the day when I see you cruising around town.

softearthart said...

Lovely, a great ride, cheers Marie

All Together We're Better said...

Wow! It looks like an awesome time was had by all. I have really been focusing on visiting places that have education and substance to them! Getting out in nature is great!

Brent and Terina Maldonado said...

WHAT?!?!?! Where in the world is Jessica??? I've looked for her on facebook and haven't found her! Wow I hope she is doing well!

Rachel said...

Okay, so I thought I already posted on this....I wonder if blogger didn't put it through. Anyway, I want to go to that place! Is it at Thanksgiving Point? Would you want to go again before things get too chilly around here? Let me know, I would totally drive down to hang out with you + your cute fam!

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