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Thursday, September 30

First smell and touch book

During the week of My 5 Senses, I knew we needed to make the classic touch book. I still have the one I made when I was in Preschool! I bought Mr. Sketch smelly markers for the adventurers to draw smelly pictures in their book.

The textures we used were soft cotton balls, the rough inside layer of cardboard, soft feathers, silky cloth, poky pipe cleaners, squishy bubble wrap, and course sandpaper. 

Everyone would draw and smell, smell and draw...luckily I think only one person put the blueberry smelling Mr.Sketch marker in their mouth.

We talked about the smells of each marker...but couldn't make a unified vote if the red was cherry or watermelon.

During our next class we used the same texture tray of items to paint the Letter Y!

 The popular items were the cardboard and cotton squares.

The finished project!


Deborah said...

I love it and linked up with you!!

Rachel said...

This is such an awesome idea, V! I love the smelly markers - I just had MAJOR childhood flashbacks when I read your post! I can still remember how they all smell!

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