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Friday, November 5

I want to ski that mountain

Tonight we were driving in the car together noticing the orange, red, and purple colors of the sunset against the mountains. We noticed how only the peaks had snow on it but soon the entire mountain will be filled with white, powdery snow. 

River piped up and said, "I want to ski that mountain Papa." My husband responded, "I think that mountain is a little big for you." "But I could still do it!" River exclaimed spoken like a 4-year-old with some skiing experience. (River is used to hearing his Papa talk about the perfect line to ski. So if his Papa can ski down that mountain why can't he?)

(This pic is from 2 winters ago.
 This is one of the few pics that you can see of me on skis.)

I am sharing this because I dread the cold, long, winter here in UT. Growing up in northern AZ the snow I experienced melted within 2 days. So to hear my little boy excited that he can ski "that mountain" helps me gear up for the winter and hope that this year I might get the hang of skiing.


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Cutie pie. Name me something cuter than tiny kids skiing. Also, glad to hear I'm not the only one who has to "gear up" for the winter. Bleh.

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