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Sunday, February 13

Heart donuts

This week we talked about the Letter D: Valentine's Day, Mail Delivery, and Donuts.

I thought about buying donuts and letting the adventurers set up a bakery store front but the quest of making donuts in preschool with the 8 children was beckoning me.

I found this recipe where all you need is pre-made biscuit dough from a can, vegetable oil and sugar. So I asked my husband to set up the camp stove on a folding table I brought indoors. He was a bit hesitate about having a camp stove with a pot of hot oil and preschoolers all in the living room. I am the kind of person that once I have an idea I will make it happen, so I listened to his concerns while I was scheming in the back of my mind how I could make this potentially dangerous situation... well safe.

I gave each adventurer their biscuit dough.

They rolled, flattened and then used the heart cookie cutter to punch out a heart!

I ran back and forth from my hot oil table that no one was allowed to come near to pick up the dough and fry them into donuts. You need to watch the dough closely because they only need a few minutes on each side.

 Once the donuts cooled down a bit, I took them over to the "bakery work area" to be shaken in a Ziploc bag with powered sugar. The powdered sugar was on the table, on the floor, all over clothes and especially all over faces!  The adventurers really did look like they has worked in the bakery!

What I would NOT do again:
*Make donuts on the day of our Valentine's Day party. The combination of candy, excitement, and party atmosphere turned me into a loud, stern, dictator to keep everyone safe around the hot oil. 

*Use biscuit dough from the can. Using pre-made dough was great for the preschoolers who could care less about how it tastes. I don't every buy that stuff so I thought the taste was awful.


Rachel Swan said...

Heart shaped donuts are adorable. I do think the hot oil + 8(!!!) preschoolers combo is a little insane, but if anyone can make it happen, it's you. :)

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